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1. What is it ?

    JPlot is a little mathematical equations plotter. You can draw standard (y=f(x)) and parametric (x=f(t) y=f(t)) equations.

2. How to use ?

    You should have java 1.1 or latest version. Unpack the zip file, and type : java JPlot to lauch it.
    Open in the File menu, chose a sample fille (equation.txt and equation-param.txt) see it...

    Menu :
  • File :
    • Open : chose a new equations file.
    • Redraw : redraw equations.
    • Reread : reread the equation file.
    • equation.txt : Select directly the equation.txt file.
    • equation-parm.txt : Select directly the equation-param.txt file.
    • Quit :
  • View :
    • Source : view the equations file.
    • Info : little information about the function.
  • Options :
    • Not Connected : don't draw connected.
    • Draw Points : draw all points.
    • Draw Grid : draw the grid.
  • Help :
    • Help : (not made in this version).
    • About : about...

3. Create a new equation File :

    The equation file is a text file contain all fonctions equations.

    Exemple whith equation-parm.txt :

    # blablabla the # symbole define comment text.
    PARAM TYPE Define the fonction is Parametric type default is standard.
    -9 XMIN    Define the minimun of X, default is -10.
    9 XMAX     Define the maximum of X, default is -10.
    0.1 STEP    Define the calcul step, default is 1.
    -3.2 TMIN    Define the minimun of T, parametrique only, default is -10.
    3.2 TMAX     Define the maximum of T, parametrique only, default is -10.
    1 GRIDSTEP Define the calcul step of the grid, default is 1.
    yellow BGCOLOR Define the back ground color, default is white.
    green GRIDCOLOR Define the grid color, default is green.

    a 2 2 + DEF Define a Symbole (a=4)
    b 1 3 * DEF Define a Symbole (b=3)
    The aren't a limitation of the number of Symbole.
    rouge COLOR
    X { 3 3 t * SIN * a - } DEF
    Y { 2 4 t * SIN * b - } DEF
    bleu COLOR X { 3 3 t * SIN * a + } DEF
    Y { 2 4 t * SIN * b + } DEF

4. Screen shots :

5. Download :

    Licence :

        All source and documentation ©1998 Frederic TYNDIUK (Alias FTLS)

        This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

        Because the program is licensed Free of charge, there is NO WARRANTY for this Program...

6. Know Bugs :

  • The 0.0 of the screen are a different place in Windows and Linux, that why have a white bar on the top of the Windows...

7. Author :

    Author is Frederic TYNDIUK (ftls@ftls.org)
    If you use and appreciate JMines, send me a mail.

    If you encounter problems, or if you want to submit enhancements, or just make a bug report, send it to the address above.

© Copyright 2000 FTLS (Tyndiuk Frédéric). All rights reserved.
Last Update 08/03/2000 - Send all comments to webmaster@ftls.org