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1. What is it ?

    JMines is the classical Minesweeper game. You must uncover all the empty cases without blowing on a mine.

When you uncover a case, a number appears : it indicates how many mines surround this case. If there is no number the neighbor cases are automatically uncovered. In your process of uncovering secure cases, it is very useful to put a flag on the cases which contain a mine.

2. How to play ?

    You have to use the mouse and its two buttons to uncover or to flag the cases. Here is the details :

  • The left button will uncover a case. Note that left clicking on a flagged case is secure and do nothing.
  • The right button will mark a case as containing a mine (draw a red flag) or, if the option is set, as being uncertain (draw a question mark). The uncertain tag can be useful when you are puzzled about the positions of mines.
  • Pressing the yellow smelley will start a new game.

3. Screen Shots :

4. Tester la version Applet :

5. Download :

    Licence :

        All source and documentation ©1998 Frederic TYNDIUK (Alias FTLS)

        This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

        Because the program is licensed Free of charge, there is NO WARRANTY for this Program...

6. Bugs Connus :

  • Not tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer...
  • After Customize your level, you should use New Game to redraw it.
  • In applet mode, the tread of the counter was not stop after close.
  • The 0.0 of the screen are a different place in Windows and Linux, that why they are a little bugs, you can resize the windows with your mouse...

7. Author :

    Author is Frederic TYNDIUK (ftls@ftls.org)
    If you use and appreciate JMines, send me a mail.

    If you encounter problems, or if you want to submit enhancements, or just make a bug report, send it to the address above.

© Copyright 2000 FTLS (Tyndiuk Frédéric). All rights reserved.
Last Update 08/03/2000 - Send all comments to webmaster@ftls.org